First post of 2019 and I thought I should do something a bit different and share my favourite podcasts of 2018.

I’m fairly new to the spoken podcast and audiobook scene, previously it would just be music only. Also worth mentioning that I use Pocket Casts app for all my subscriptions which is a premium app but does the job really well and syncs across multiple devices.

I decided to leave out links to the podcasts below as it’s probably easier to search for them in your favourite podcast app.

Syntax podcast

Scott Tolinksi and Wes Bos talk about the development industry including a lot of JavaScript, accessibility, design and even how to stay fit. I tend to find most of their podcasts useful for my work especially the javaScript ones where they talk about React and Node as this is an area I am keen to improve. I recommend this podcast to anyone in the industry even if you’re a heavy weight JS developer.

Flintoff, Sav and the Ping Pong Guy

Mostly talking about sport in general and going into detail about their careers. Andrew Flintoff, Matthew Syed and Robbie Savage go head to head in probably the funniest podcast here. There’s quite a bit of banter between Savage and Flintoff, mediated by ex pingpong professional Matthew but he often gives as good as he gets. I tend to listen to this on my cycle commute home from work when I am in no mood for another techno set. Recommended to anyone who’s into sport, politics and health.

John ‘OO’ Flemming - Global Trance Grooves

A two hour long trance radio show released every month gives me some new music to listen to either in the gym or in the car. If you’re into electronic music but put off by the word trance, don’t be. John’s idea of trance is not what you hear in the charts or on Spotify playlists. He keeps the music true to trance roots when it came about from techno in the early 90’s. The first thirty minutes is more laid back progressive trance. The second thirty is what he calls the turbo mix, turning the tempo up slightly and the last hour will be a guest mix from someone else in the industry. I’ve been listening to John’s sets since I was about fifteen and it’s great that he hasn’t succumbed to the commercial side of electronic music like some other DJ’s and producers.

Zwift coaching podcast

If you haven’t heard of Zwift, it’s an online virtual cycling / running game which links up to indoor cycling trainers or treadmills.

I started to use Zwift in the autumn last year to see if it would help make my indoor cycling training a little more interesting and it has. In fact I would say that I am now training more, pushing harder and for longer to unlock new courses, equipment and improve my ride times. I’m watching videos about Zwift and listening to the zwift coaching podcast to hear how pro cyclists are using it for training and for races. Presented by Matt Rowe (brother of Sky pro rider Luke Rowe) he and his guest presenters give tips on training, how to race, what to eat and just general zwift tips. This podcast isn’t just for Zwift users though, if you’re thinking of tackling a cycling sportive, whether being a regular or a first time rider you might find some episodes useful.

Football daily podcast

The football daily podcast updates more regularly than the others so if I’m in a hurry I’ll reach for this first. I use a google home in the kitchen and asking it to play the latest version of football daily usually works first time. The presenters are often decent but their focus on the top four clubs in English football can be a little tedious at times. It’s not like I am a miserable Hull City supporter.

The Darknet Diaries

A documentary style podcast showcasing real life hacking and cyber crime stories from years gone by. I’ve only listened to a few of these as I am a relatively new listener. You won’t be surprised to hear some high profile businesses are compromised due to weak username and passwords.


If you enjoyed ‘Making a Murderer’ on Netflix you might enjoy these podcasts from Serial. A journalist decides to investigate a murder in a small town in the south east USA but it becomes a little more complicated. Worth checking out the Serial podcasts too, I’ve just started the first season.

John Digweed - Transitions

Another techno set which lands every Sunday. Not a podcast as such as John removed the download option a few years ago but it will be the first thing I reach for on a Monday morning. The format is one hour of the latest tracks presented by John and then an hour long guest mix. Two hours is perfect for a long car journey or if I decide to do more than an hour in the gym.

The Anjunadeep edition

I’ve been listening to this podcast more and more recently as the music quality has improved. Focusing on the deep side of melodic House and Trance, a different DJ provides an hour long mix each week. No adds and breaks just a brief introduction at the start, this is probably my favourite music podcast at the moment.