Inspiration number two. Should I use another static site generator instead of Jekyll? Trying out the new CSS property Object Fit.

I have been jotting down things that have interested me online such as code snippets, design inspiration, photography and just general interesting people and websites. Mainly because a week or so later I completely forget or I am frantically searching my browser history for the domain name. I kept everything written down in Google Keep which was great at first but then eventually became a colourful mess. While I was putting the re-design of this site together I thought I might as well use my notes to form a blog to make this site a little more interesting. Hopefully you find this post and future posts useful. _ Liam

Bike to and at work! By Veerle Pieters

If you are into bikes and architecture then give this blog post by Veerle Pieters a read. It shows the new Sram headquarters based in Chicago. If you’re not familiar with Sram, they are basically a direct competitor to Shimano, producing bike components such as gears and brakes. This is exactly how places of work should be, cycle and fitness friendly.

Sram office

HTTP what?

A few months ago I had no idea on the differences between http1.1 and http2. A shoptalk show by Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier filled me in with the basics and I liked the sound of having a site perform better under https. Mariko Kosaka then drew some diagrams to show the differences and now I am fully up to speed. (I think!)

HTTP2 diagram
Image credit Mariko Kosaka

So from what I understand site load times will be quicker and there is no need to group image sprites to save time. There will be one request for all images.

Sideways dictionary

A good looking easy to use website that describes technical words using analogies rather than definitions. For example;

Cookie - It’s like a barista with a good memory. So every morning when you come in for your decaf soy latte with an extra shot and cream, they nod wearily and say ‘The usual?’ - Nick Asbury

Now I understand.

How outdoor clothing brand Patagonia was built

I really enjoyed listening to this interview with Yvon Chouinard the man who formed outdoor clothing brand Patagonia. He talks about how the company nearly failed and its unique philosophy on doing business. I am a bit of a latecomer to this podcast series but loving it so far, it’s really well produced.